The Best Gadgets from CES 2024 to Save Up For

Rabbit R1 device

From transparent OLED TVs to foldable OLED monitors, there were loads of innovative applications of this display tech on the show floor at this year’s CES expo. Oh, and there were a bunch of clever-sounding AI-powered devices too.

While a lot of these are just concepts or still in the works, several cool products unveiled at the event will be available to buy later this year. Here’s everything from CES worth ponying up for in 2024.

1. Talk to your apps, naturally – Rabbit R1

Price: $199
Availability: Pre-orders open

I’ve long imagined Iron Man’s Jarvis handling my phone’s apps to get things done without me lifting a finger. Rabbit claims its R1 handheld AI gadget can do just that – from ordering meals to researching destinations for your next holiday.

vp52L6UlmJY maxresdefault

The company, which has raised $30 million in funding since last October, claims you can teach the R1 to do whatever you need it to on any mobile app and have it repeat that action with just a voice command. The idea is for the device to reduce the amount of time you spend tapping through steps on your phone screen.

Rabbit is taking pre-orders now, and says it’s already sold 40,000 devices. It expects to start shipping the first batch of R1s by April.

2. Every gamer’s dream monitor – Alienware AW3225QF (32-inch)

Alienware Aw3225qf Monitor 1

Price: $1,199
Availability: January 2024

My search for a 32-inch 4K OLED gaming monitor ends at last with this beast. Alienware’s AW3225QF packs a curved QD-LED panel, promising lower lag input with a high 240Hz refresh rate that should make for buttery smooth action. This display also supports HDMI 2.1, which is great for higher frame rates. Too bad a compatible graphics card is still months away.

Monitor Alienware Aw3225qf White Gallery 9 1
Alienware’s new gaming monitor is a looker from the front and the rear.

Its $1,199 price tag will make this the most expensive component in my gaming rig by a mile – but going by the specs, the on-screen eye candy will be worth it.

3. It takes two OSes to tango – Lenovo ThinkBook Plus Gen 5 Hybrid

ro1TRim2Ufk maxresdefault

Price: $1,999
Availability: Summer 2024

Lenovo’s new “hybrid” laptop has a detachable screen that turns into an Android tablet. Meanwhile, the keyboard base works as a Windows PC when hooked to a monitor. Yank the tablet to tackle touch-friendly apps while Windows gets some serious PC work done – there’s no guarantee you can move things between them easily.

Lenovo Thinkbook Plus Gen 5 Hybrid Optimized Jpg 1

Intel’s Core 7 Ultra chip powers the Windows keyboard, and a Qualcomm Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 handles the Android tablet side of things. Both come packed in an ultra-thin aluminum chassis leaving me with one concern – battery life.

4. Can a laptop with two OLED screens change the game? – ASUS ZenBook Duo (2024)

Price: $1,499
Availability: January-March 2024

ASUS’ inventive new laptop cleverly hides a second OLED display that you can whip out to expand your screen real estate whenever you need it. That means you can present slides at a conference table, set up a dual-screen workstation, or make more room for your photo and video editing tools.

6HU__fov_Dk maxresdefault

That’s thanks to a flexible design that lets you use the dual 14-inch OLED displays vertically or horizontally, along with a detachable keyboard. And while it costs a pretty penny, it’s a fair bit cheaper than last year’s model.

5. Gaming phones with sophisticated styling – ASUS ROG Phone 8 Series

Srv-dF2JMuM maxresdefault

Price: Starting $1,099
Availability: February 2024

ASUS’ latest gamer-focused ROG phones got a more subtle redesign than previous iterations in the lineup. There’s a mini LED matrix embedded in the matte black rear panel on the ROG Phone 8 Pro that looks pretty grown up in this segment.

Asus Rog Phone 8 Series

You’ll get top-of-the-line internals built around the latest Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 chip to run the latest games without breaking a sweat, along with a bright adaptive 165Hz AMOLED display. The top-end models also get an attachable external cooler, and the entire line gets shoulder triggers to boot. This one’s shaping up to be quite the treat for gamers on the go.

6. A portable OLED monitor to carry everywhere – ASUS ZenScreen Fold

Asus Zenscreen Fold Oled Mq17qh Monitor 1

Price: $1,999
Availability: First half, 2024

Not to be outdone by other brands making foldable smartphones, ASUS just dropped a foldable OLED monitor.

The compact ZenScreen Fold’s center crease seems to disappear when its 17.3-inch screen opens, and the built-in stand lets you set it up at a range of angles. This looks like a smart way to expand your laptop setup for work or watching movies on the go.

7. The return of physical keyboards for phones? – Clicks for iPhone

e2n2ftM-MwI maxresdefault

Price: $139
Availability: February 2024

It’s not cheap, but can you really put a price on reviving the joy of typing on a physical phone keyboard? Developed by a couple of YouTubers and an experienced hardware team, the Clicks keyboard brings tactile typing to iPhones with what looks like a thoughtfully built case.

8. Another contender enters the portable PC gaming arena – MSI Claw A1M

AlKkHZD21BU maxresdefault

Price: $699
Availability: Second half, 2024

The battle for the portable gaming handheld console begins as the $699 MSI Claw A1M will lock horns with ASUS’ ROG Ally. This handheld supports different external GPUs to play the latest games – that’s great since Ally’ limits you to use only XG Mobile GPU system.

Msi Claw A1m Rear 1
That’s a whole of vents on the rear panel

This model doesn’t really bring anything new to the table design-wise, so it’s down to the specs. I can’t wait to see how the Claw’s Intel Core Ultra chipset fares against the AMD Ryzen Z1 series processor in the ROG Ally later this year.

9. Affordable Mixed Reality glasses for the rest of us cyberpunks – Xreal Air 2 Ultra

Xreal Air 2 Ultra Smart Glasses

Price: $699
Availability: March 2024

The all-titanium Air 2 Ultra is a trendy pair of AR glasses that link with your phone, console, or computer to power up and bring you a whole new array of apps. The 6DoF 3D sensors on these smart glasses map your surroundings and enable you to interact with digital objects like they were real, such as animated avatars.

Xreal Air 2 Ultra Jpg 1

While they’re likely not going to compete directly with standalone Apple’s Vision Pro, they certainly are lighter in weight – and on the pocket.

10. Go beyond traditional health wearables – Withings BeamO

T9Ftr688WCE maxresdefault

Price: $250
Availability: June 2024

Withings is calling its latest gadget a ‘multiscope.’ There’s a digital stethoscope to check your heart and lung health, a blood oxygen sensor, a mini ECG for detecting anomalies in how your heart functions, and a contactless thermometer – all designed to make at-home checkups easier.

If the FDA gives BeamO the nod, it’ll land later this year for $250.

11. When you can’t have too many touchscreens – JBL Live 3 Earbuds

Jbl Live 3 Earbuds

Price: $200
Availability: Summer 2024

It may not be for everyone, but JBL isn’t totally nuts for putting a touchscreen on its earbuds cases. While previous models let you control audio playback, EQ, and other settings without taking out your phone, the new Live 3 earbuds come with a color display this time around.

You’ll also get to choose between three styles of buds depending on what’s most comfortable for you, and they all support High-Res audio with LDAC wirelessly. I’m still waiting to hear how these sound before dropping cash on them, though.

12. Face ID for your front door – Lockly Visage

Lockly Visage 1

Price: $350
Availability: Summer 2024

I guess face recognition on door locks was inevitable – but I’ve got to admit, it does sound like something we’ll see a lot more of in the near future.

For $350, the Visage lock will recognize up to 100 facial scan profiles, so you won’t be locked out when you come home wasted and grimacing oddly. And of course, you can always use backups like its fingerprint scanner or home key on your iPhone in case it’s confused.

13. An intelligent DOP for your iPhone – Belkin Auto-Tracking Stand Pro

hYxtXCBrVwA maxresdefault

Price: $129
Availability: February 2024

I can finally stop bribing my nephew to film my incredible dance moves. Belkin’s new Stand Pro automatically tracks your face and body as you move, and rotates and tilts your iPhone to follow your every step. It’s also a MagSafe-friendly wireless charger and works for video calls to boot.

Image credit: Rabbit

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