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When your children are born, you have many hopes and dreams for them: who will they become? What is their future? What will they do? Will they raise their own family? Sometimes you also need to help them find their passions, recognizing their special talents. It could be photography. And in this era, digital photography makes it even easier to pick up as a hobby, and potentially a career.

As a child, my daughter always loved looking at photos. She’d spend hours pouring through my big bins of unorganized photos, and even organized some of them for me. When she was looking for an elective course in high school, I thought of photography. It wasn’t just digital, as she had to learn it the old-fashioned way first, developing her own photos. But she definitely found her passion.

After all those years pouring over old photos, it gave her a great eye. She automatically knew how to set up shots. She didn’t need to learn that in photography class. But through her class, she learned even more skill. She had a passion to see things and frame it, something she could do with old-fashioned point-and-shoot or digital photography.

Digital Photography Kids Railroad Tracks
Image source: Lizzie Tucker

I like to take photos as well of favorite moments and people in my life, but the shots I set up are never as good as hers. I just don’t have that natural talent/eye.

It’s easy to see if your own children have that eye for photography – and you don’t have to hand over your beloved smartphone to let them try it out. They can start with their own camera, such as a CAMKORY FHD 1080P Digital Kids Camera. It’s under $40, so if it turns out to not be something they enjoy, you really aren’t out that much money. Yet, it’s still a great camera, so you could even use it yourself.

This point-and-shoot camera has an advanced CMOS image system, producing FHD video and 44MP photography. There are no complicated manual settings – it only takes a press of the shutter. They can even use the digital zoom on a butterfly, the action of their pet playing with a toy, or a seashell that is found during a beach vacation. It also has a 32GB memory card so that they can save all their memories.

Camkory Digital Kids Camera Fhd 1080p 44mp

The CAMKORY FHD 1080P Digital Kids Camera is easy for them to carry with them, as it’s small enough to fit in their pocket, and durable. The buttons are easy to access, as is the menu, and there is also a large LCD display. It’s suitable for any child 5 to 13 years old. Filters allow for vintage-looking photos, as well as black and white. Anti-shake will help them output photos they can be proud of.

Save 26% and get this kids camera in a choice of four colors, paying only $39.99, and possibly find that your child has a passion and/or special gift for digital photography as well.

CAMKORY FHD 1080P Digital Kids Camera

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